081917_JEM GIF_longtext.gif

An animated GIF for JEM Yoga NYC

Character + color + text design and animation.  3.5 week project from concept to finish. Made with Adobe Photoshop, After Effects



An animated logo for Big Dog Little Bed Productions

Used Photoshop to redraw the logo and animated frame by frame using Photoshop + After Effects. 




I made 4 animated scenes in a whiteboard animation style for a short documentary film by Vittles Films.  It’s about a non-profit organization Working Landscapes and their economic redevelopment project in Warrenton, NC,

The entire film is very inspiring if you have time to see it. The animated scenes start at around 8:36, and there are 4 scenes. 


An animated logo for Big Dog Little Bed Productions. (extended version)



A clip from an animated short "Tokio" I made as part of a year-long left hand drawing project. Drawings are all done with my left (non-dominant) hand for this film. 

2017 | Animation | 5 min 

Music by Hannah Elsie Chapman, Neal Chapman and Eliot Wilcox

21-week project from concept/story idea to finish.  Made with Photoshop + After Effects + Premiere Pro. 



A quick explanation of how I made my first animated short film TOKIO. (above)  It’s mostly text/typography animation using my own font I created.  

Made with Photoshop + After Effects + Illustrator + Fontself (for making the hand-drawn font) 

Music: And So Then by Lee Rosevere



These are a few samples of daily animation clips I made for my Instagram. Some are very random and not polished, but just to give you some idea of my animation style. 

Made with Photoshop + After Effects + Illustrator. 



Book release video I made in 2015 for Phrasemix.com.  

Made with After Effects + Illustrator + Premiere Pro (or Final Cut Pro?)



If you'd like to see more samples let me know. My narrative short films and other animation samples are available upon request.