Eri Yokoyama | animation | films 

I studied filmmaking in New York City and have worked on film productions including the 2014 Oscar-nominated feature documentary Cutie and the Boxer, a new feature documentary The Departure. I feel very lucky to have had the opportunities to work with amazingly talented directors, cinematographers and editors, and learn the craft of visual storytelling from them.   

Originally from Japan, I grew up watching studio Ghibli animation. I admired Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary animator, and always wanted to make an animated film, but I had one problem: I didn’t know how to draw. So in summer 2015, I started a daily left-hand drawing practice in order to learn how to draw. A year later, I made my first animated short "Tokio", and have been animating since. 

I’ve also written and directed 4 short narrative films which screened in competition at film festivals including Seattle Shorts Film Festival, the Academy Award-qualifying Short Shorts Film Festival. 

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A clip from an animated short "Tokio" (2016)